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Though Schumann is one of the greatest composers, he suffered in. Schumann completed his Violin Concerto in Schumann: Violin Concerto a mere two weeks, inspired by the young Brahms and the equally youthful Joachim, two years Brahms’ elder. Mendelssohn & Schumann Violin Concertos is her 12th recording for the label as featured soloist.

Schumann didn&39;t even stretch the technical demands of the cello, a more cumbersome instrument. This is now volume 13 in Hyperion’s ‘The Romantic Violin Concerto’ series. Even more interesting is the tempo of the concerto. This transposition of the Schumann Cello Concerto falls somewhere in between.

The amazing story of its rediscovery is told in a new novel and concert. Schumann composed the Concerto for the amazing young virtuoso Joseph Joachim, who was only 22 at the time but already recognized as one of the major musical figures of his time: protégé of Mendelssohn, close friend of Brahms, a composer in his own right as well as a violinist and conductor, and eventually a pedagogue to whom such figures as the very young Arthur Rubinstein and Jascha Heifetz were brought for evaluation and encouragement. 64, with two fairly unusual works by Schumann, the Fantasy for violin & orchestra, Op. On its own, it sounds like a mistake, especially as done here, with minimal romanticism and passion.

Meyer (Amherst, MA) See All My Reviews " The Schumann violin concerto is certainly the least performed and recorded of his major orchestral works. Premiered on: November 26. Work Style: Romantic (Early) Composed in: 1850. That applies first of all to the content of the work itself. Robert Schumann&39;s Violin Concerto in D minor, WoO 23 was his only violin concerto and one of his last significant compositions, and one that remained unknown to all but a very small circle for more than 80 years after it was written. Violin virtuoso Joseph Joachim gave the score a run-through and privately expressed his concern to Clara Schumann and Johannes Brahms, who all agreed they’d be acting in Schumann’s best interests to stash the unpublished, unperformed concerto deep in a drawer.

David listens to Isabelle Faust&39;s account of Schumann&39;s Violin Concerto in D minor, with the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra and Pablo Heras-Casado. It focuses on Schumann’s Violin Concerto in D minor, which is not such a rarity since having been ‘rediscovered’ in the 1930s, but adds the composer’s own arrangement for violin of his Cello Concerto in A minor and the intriguing and largely successful Phantasie in C major. Violin Concerto in D Minor, WoO 23: III.

- Composer: Robert Schumann (8 JuneJuly 1856)- Orchestra: Chamber Orchestra of Europe- Conductor: Nikolaus Harnoncourt- Soloist: Gidon Kremer- Ye. But for those Schumann lovers who take a chance on it, there&39;s much to admire and enjoy. Isabelle FaustJean-Guihen QueyrasAlexander MelnikovFreiburger Baro. LONGER review: The Schumann 1853 violin concerto was suppressed by the composer&39;s widow with the consensus of its dedicatee, the violinist Joachim, and of the young Brahms. Is it an inferior piece that would be played less frequently were it not by a famous composer?

the total absence of violin pyrotechnics is a severe hindrance. concerto, Schumann introduces the solo violin in a passage featuring a series of short pleading phrases. Inge Kjemtrup meets its author, Jessica Duchen. And the reason for this is the inescapable fact that while Mendelssohn&39;s Violin Concerto is the greatest work of its kind written after Beethoven and before Brahms, Schumann&39;s Violin Concerto is one of the last and the least of the works of the composer as he succumbed to syphilitic insanity.

Schumann’s Piano Concerto is heard so often that its originality can be taken for granted. By Robert Schumann Kolja Blacher, Mahler Chamber Orchestra. It&39;s a (long. Henryk Szeryng was the soloist on that memorable occasion, and in an Schumann: Violin Concerto intermission interview he spoke passionately about the significance and greatness of this work. More Schumann: Violin Concerto images. However, only a year after the concerto was finished, Schumann had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital near Bonn, where he died in 1856. Madness and death, rejection and suppression, resurrection and redemption, Hitler, séances — the Schumann: Violin Concerto Schumann Violin Concerto is surrounded by drama and intrigue. I first became acquainted with Schumann&39;s tragically underrated Violin Concerto while listening to a symphony concert on the radio many years ago.

Against this backdrop, the work’s merit continues to be debated. Robert Schumann Violin Concerto in D Minor. Pocket score ROBERT SCHUMANN: VIOLIN CONCERT. The violin concerto was suppressed until 1933 when — appropriately for such spectral music — the disembodied voice of Schumann contacted two of Joachim’s nieces during a séance and demanded. Lebhaft, doch nicht schnell. 57 EDT A nthony Marwood is the latest violinist to go into bat on behalf of Schumann&39;s late and much criticised D minor Violin Concerto, a work that was completed in 1853, but withheld by Clara. "Schumann: Violin Concerto" (Album Presentation), Released in March on harmonia mundi.

Robert Schumann’s only violin concerto is a problem child of the classical repertoire in several respects. This first volume in a trilogy comprising the complete concertos and piano trios of Schumann brings together two late and unjustly neglected works. Brahms: Double Concerto for Violin & Cello and Schumann: Cello Concerto 1995 Paganini: 24 Caprices, Op. The concerto’s final movement adopts not only the pace but also the rhythms of a polonaise, the proud. Schumann: Violin Concerto — Discovering Music, Schumann Violin Concerto Stephen Johnson considers the music and historical context of Schumann&39;s Violin Concerto. 1 on Billboard’s Traditional Classical Albums chart. Wonderful rendering of the Schumann violin concer J By J.

Schumann’s only violin concerto vanished after his death in 1856, only to re-emerge in the 1930s. It was with the 22-year-old Joachim&39;s wonderful performance of Beethoven&39;s Violin Concerto at Düsseldorfs 1853 Whitsuntide Festival still ringing in his ears that Schumann, though within a year of breakdown, felt an irresistible urge to write for violin and orchestra himself. Schumann&39;s Violin Concerto There is a great discussion about Schumann&39;s mental state when he composed it and whether this can be seen (listened) in his concerto or not. It was premiered on 23 April 1860, four years after his death, in Oldenburg, with Ludwig Ebert as soloist. Violinist Christian Tetzlaff moved to Finland&39;s Ondine label with this release, perhaps reflecting the thinking of his new employer with the program. Not performed (in public) by its dedicatee or at all until 1937 (see Wikipedia. The Violin Concerto in A minor, Op 129 is an arrangement by the composer of his Op 129 Cello Concerto, with a straightforward recasting of the solo part. Also: Schumann&39;s 18 Geister-Variations are more or less based on the main theme of the Langsam movement of this concerto, Schumann: Violin Concerto transposed down a fifth to E-flat.

Pine’s Cedille recording Violin Lullabies, with pianist Matthew Hagle, released in April, debuted at No. The length of a typical performance is about 25 minutes. The pianist Leif Ove Andsnes makes it sound startlingly fresh in his live recording with Mariss.

The Schumann Violin Concerto has long been regarded as the embarrassing uncle at the Thanksgiving table of the violin repertoire. And we therefore are happy that this internationally top-ranking violinist is now interpreting the Violin Concerto by Robert Schumann and the Double Concerto by Johannes Brahms for cpo with Maximilian Hornung, a cellist who in every way is her equal. This was the first orchestral work Schumann composed after taking up his post as Music Director in Düsseldorf in September 1850 (the Concerto was completed between October). ) (First US performances given in December 1937, with Yehudi Menuhin, violin. It combines the most standard of standard works, the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E minor, Op.

Schumann’s two clumsily orchestrated concertante works for violin and orchestra are full of beautiful ideas, but they so often bog down in what can seem like tiresome repetition. The instigators of the project, Isabelle Faust, Alexandre Melnikov and Jean-Guihen Queyras, champion their cause with a force of conviction and a choice of instruments that restore the delicate. 1 1993 Bach: Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin, BWV 1001. Very Good: A book that does not look new and has been read but is in excellent condition. Schumann, though suffering from depression, went into a frenzy of activity, completing the Violin Concerto in D Minor (fully scored for all the different musical parts) within 13 days in late. This idea and the two themes introduced by the orchestra play important roles as the first movement unfolds. 131, and the still rarer Violin Concerto in D minor, WoO 1. See more videos for Schumann: Violin Concerto.

The expression of grief is unmistakable, in the slow movement, for example, whose theme Schumann would take up again in his very last composition, the Ghost Variations for piano. Both the Fantasy for violin and orchestra and the Violin Concerto are late Schumann, and are regularly cited as examples of how rapidly Schumann&39;s creative powers waned in the 1850s, but for the. In the autumn of 1851 Schumann composed, in rapid succession, the two violin sonatas and, in the space of just seven days from 2 to 9 October, the Piano Trio no.

The concerto was never played in Schumann&39;s lifetime. Composer Category: Orchestral Violin Concerto. Today, the Concerto has firmly become part of the mainstream of the violin repertoire and is considered an important late Schumann work. At Joachim&39;s death in 1907 the Prussian State library obtained the manuscript with the proviso that it be kept under wraps until 1956, the centenary of the composer&39;s death. Robert Schumann &39;s Violin Concerto in D minor, WoO 23 was his only violin concerto and one of his last significant compositions, and one that remained unknown to all but a very small circle for more than 80 years after it was written. No obvious damage to the cover, with the dust jacket (if applicable) included for hard covers.

Schumann: Violin Concerto

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